Stories of Faith

Sayuri and Douglas share amazing stories of what God is doing in our modern times. If you need a faith boost this is the program to watch!


Better Life Bible Studies

Join Kip Bradford, Sean Murphy and Chuck Austin as they explore amazing topics found in God's Word!


Revelation Speaks Hope

Pastor Steve Cook takes you on a journey though the book of Revelation as Bible truth is revealed!


Better Life Today

Facinating interviews with lay-people and professionals who share how the Lord has impacted their lives.


Fountainview Academy Christmas Concerts

The high school students from Fountainview Academy in British Columbia share their wonderful musical skills through voice and orchestra in these classic Christimas programs.


It's In the Bible

Pastor Marvin & Judi Clark present 28 key Bible teachings in the 28 part series. The Bible is studied through a couple's perspecive.




Examining the Ministry of Ellen G. White

Pastor Dwight Nelson takes a closer look at the life and teachings of Ellen G. White, one of the founders of the Seventh-day Adventist church.





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