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From Rock 'n Roll to the Rock of Ages

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    Better Life believes that it’s our mission to be available in as many places as possible and that when we do this God will connect the message with the very people who need to hear the truth. Randy Griest’s story below is a prime example of this.

Q. Randy, were you raised a Christian?
A. When I was about 20 years old I was introduced to Christianity and was actually in a Christian rock band called, “The Life Savers”. But a problem came up with the band and I left a little bit disillusioned. I then decided to enter the world of secular music.

Q. What did you find in secular music?
A. Well, I really buried myself in it and at age 25 I signed a recording deal with Electra Records. I even co-wrote and played keyboards with Rod Stewart. The group I was with had a one-hit-wonder called, “Uranium” and we were featured on MTV.
    But the sad part was that I became seduced by the ways of the world. It was all about self, all about me and all about success. I became a drug addict and got into drinking. I was doing everything in the world to keep away from God. I found that most people I met in the music industry were not happy. Everyone was pretty much out to get what they could for themselves and about 15 years ago I left it altogether.

Q. What did you do next?
A. I started doing concrete work, but I really wasn’t happy at all. I was smoking and still drinking. I was also trying to raise a family. I just didn’t have much purpose in my life.

Q. How did God finally reach you?
A. In a very unexpected way. It was early November 2011 when I borrowed a VCR/TV combo from my daughter to watch a movie in my room. After the movie was finished the tape auto ejected. Suddenly there was a man on the TV talking about the importance of studying the heavenly sanctuary. I’m not sure how this was possible since the TV wasn’t attached to cable and I didn’t have an antenna on it either! But the picture and sound were sharp and clear. Somehow I was receiving Better Life Broadcasting Network! I stopped what I was doing and watched the whole program. The speaker was Pastor Stephen Bohr and he continued talking about things like the seventh-day Sabbath and Ellen G. White.
    The next day I didn’t have to work so I dug out my Bible and went over the texts that Pastor Bohr had given, checking out what he had taught. As I did my mind was taken back to the times my father would share with me what he had been learning in the Bible on his own. Many of the same things he had discovered were being once again presented to me. In fact, I’m sure he would have become a Seventh-day Adventist himself in time. Anyway, I kept on reading my Bible, praying and watching Better Life.
    Only a few days had passed when something very remarkable happened. I was heading outside to smoke a cigarette when an audible voice called out to me and said, “It’s time.” I remember thinking, “What?” and then it repeated, “It’s time.” So I answered out loud, “It’s time for what?” Now, I’m not sure if the conversation that transpired next was audible or just in my thoughts, but it went something like this: “It’s time for you to stop smoking.” and it continued, “It’s time for you to stop drinking too.” I thought, “Yeah right, I’ve been an alcoholic and drug user for over twenty years and had tried to quit several times and now an invisible voice is telling me to quit cold turkey! So I asked, “How am I suppose to do that?” The voice replied, “Every time you want a cigarette or anything else addictive just say, ‘No thank you, and say it out loud.’” The voice continued, “By the way, you’ve already quit.” When I asked, “How is that?” The voice replied, “Remember it’s not by your power, but by the grace of God.”
    That night, as I knelt down to pray with a broken heart and repentance on my lips, I gave my life completely to God. I received the anointing of the Holy Spirit and my addictions vanished. I’ve been clean ever since.
    I continued watching Better Life but I also prayed that God would lead me to a Holy Spirit filled church. That very night I was watching Better Life and the pastor of the Medford, Oregon SDA church came on the screen and invited me to his church!
    On December 10th, 2011 I attended my first service in a Seventh-day Adventist church and afterward I asked the pastor to baptize me! I was later baptized along with Ken Petty who also came into the church through Better Life! I really love my new church family and through the providence of God I’ve been able to send my daughter to a Christian school.
    Better Life has been such a blessing to me. They have some tremendous speakers and God used it to change my life!


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