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Better Life Broadcasting Network is a 24 hour a day Christian television network whose broadcasts are changing lives in Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Northern California and now, throughout the world via Roku technology. Our Bible-based programming is created so you can experience a true friendship with Jesus Christ. Our viewers are discovering the secrets to living a happy, healthy, vibrant—Better Life. We know you will be blessed by the resources within these pages. Please take your time and enjoy.

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God Must Love a Bargain

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Recounting God's providence in the history
of Better Life Broadcasting Network

It was 3 AM and Ron Davis, manager of Better Life, had been seeking God’s will for the television ministry and had not slept all night. As he continued in prayer he was strongly impressed by God with the directive to “Go Ye into all of Oregon and further into California, reaching as many as you can as quick as you can with the saving message of Jesus Christ.” Little did he know what power lay behind that command.

It was soon after this that Ron learned of a pair of TV stations that were for sale that were in Roseburg and Eugene, Oregon. The full power Roseburg channel would not only broadcast over the air, but by law would also have to be carried on Dish Network, DirecTV and basic cable in Benton, Coos, Douglas and Lane counties! The stations would have a great reach, but the asking price was a whopping $4 million!

Better Life had no funds to take on such a large endeavor. However, seeing the impact of television in southern Oregon, coupled with God’s command to go forward compelled them to proceed. After consultation with the Board and much prayer, Better Life stepped out in faith and made an offer of $2.7 million.

Amazingly, the sellers accepted, and Better Life began in earnest to raise the funds. Over time they received donations and commitments totaling about $1.3 million. Then, right in the middle of fundraising, the unthinkable happened– The seller sold the station to ANOTHER buyer!

In unbelief and disappointment, Better Life returned the funds and released those who had made commitments. However, prayer continued in the belief that this station was meant for God’s work, and that God could somehow bring it back.

Then in September 2008, the seller contacted Better Life saying, “The buyer has withdrawn his offer. Are you still interested?”  Needless to say, they were ecstatic at this providential turn of events!  God had answered their prayers! After more prayers and meetings, they decided to offer only $1.9 million for the station. ($800,000 less than their original offer!) The seller reluctantly accepted.

Again, fund raising began in an attempt to meet a looming deadline, but the economic downturn had taken its toll and money was tight. Then suddenly and unexpectedly the seller filed bankruptcy! They were stunned and wondered, "Now what do we do Lord?"

Better Life was informed they would now be negotiating with the bankruptcy court. Negotiations began and finally a purchase price of $975,000 was agreed upon ($725,000 less than their second offer!). They could see God’s fingerprints all over these amazing events!

With only one day left, two church members offered loans totaling $200,000. Better Life asked their attorney to make an offer of $900,000.  The attorney felt sure it would be rejected, but went ahead. Praise the LORD the offer was accepted!

Finally, three years later, in July 2009, they purchased the stations for less than a quarter of the original asking price! Today, God is using KTVC & KAMK to broadcast the transforming truth of God’s word to over half-million potential viewers, with many visiting and joining area churches.

Time is short, but there is still much work to do! Reaching people through mass media is imperative as God continues to open doors and windows of opportunity. Better Life's outreach is like placing a evangelist in every home, providing an amazing opportunity to reach the lost and dying in these last days!


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