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Better Life Broadcasting Network is a 24 hour a day Christian television network whose broadcasts are changing lives in Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Northern California and now, throughout the world via Roku technology. Our Bible-based programming is created so you can experience a true friendship with Jesus Christ. Our viewers are discovering the secrets to living a happy, healthy, vibrant—Better Life. We know you will be blessed by the resources within these pages. Please take your time and enjoy.

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Jim Ayer Joins the Better Life Team as President

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Jim brings many years of global media experience to Better Life. Years ago Jim discovered his love for working with the medium of television when he found himself in front of a camera while donating his time helping a public TV channel raise broadcasting funds in Redding California.

Jim said, “For most of my adult life I have been involved in radio and television. It started by writing and recording radio spots on a regular basis for my business. Later on I continued by offering help to the public TV station.” Years later I had my own radio talk show and was also on Television because of my political work on Capitol Hill in Washington DC.”

But God led Jim in a new and exciting direction, much of that journey can be read in his book, "Second Chance", which details his personal story. 

Jim shared that, “God spoke to me and changed my life. He led my wife, Janene, and me into a vibrant personal relationship with Him. It was exciting! I served at Amazing Facts Ministries as a vice president, then was called to serve at the world headquarters of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Maryland as a vice president for Adventist World Radio that broadcasts the gospel in 100 languages and recently as the Assistant to the President for Hope Channel International.”

Then Jim’s face lit up as he continued, “I have filmed and worked in media around the globe. I know the Lord is coming soon and I am so excited about the potential of Better Life to reach the world for Him! I believe the greatest days of this amazing Ministry are just ahead of us.”


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