Lori & Larry Larangiera

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When a series of hardships came Lori’s way, she began searching and became interested in spiritual things. By “chance” she met a young man who told her about God and gave her a Bible on tape. After she began listening, a girlfriend gave her a Bible. She had never read the Bible before, but began to read it on a regular basis, and it changed her life.

After reading her Bible for a while, Lori discovered KBLN on cable Channel 22. She loved what she heard and saw and continued to grow in the Lord. She read and listened as often as possible and her relationship with the Lord blossomed.

One day, after about a year of watching KBLN, Lori saw an announcement that there would be a Daniel & Revelation series called “Studies in Prophecy” with Dr. Willard Regester beginning soon. She was excited and was the very first person to sign up for the series.

As it turned out, she lived only a couple of blocks from Ron & Marta Davis, so they delivered not only lesson studies for her, but also for her husband and a friend. As a bonus, they have become good friends.

When the series of meetings was nearing its end, Lori decided that she wanted to go to church. She had never attended church before, however, she had been watching Better Life TV for over a year now and as she walked through the doors of the Grants Pass church, she recognized “her church” and was comfortable.

About seven months after starting to attend, Lori requested baptism. Her husband, Larry followed her a few months later and they are now members of the Grants Pass Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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