Making a Difference in Coos Bay, OR

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    At first, Pastor Ken Williams didn’t realize the power of broadcast evangelism when he took on the role of Pastor at the Coos Bay Seventh-day Adventist Church. He had never worked at a church where the local airwaves were saturated with the Adventist message. But it didn’t take long for him to discover the tremendous benefits!
    Pastor Williams says, “I soon noticed that visitors to our church had one common influence: they had been watching Better Life! In fact, the majority of our newest members have been spiritually influenced to commit their lives to Christ because they had been ministered to by Better Life’s Christ-centered, Bible-based programming!”
    Many people are being drawn into a saving relationship with Jesus through the ministry of Better Life. When Ron & Marta Davis recently visited the Coos Bay church they noticed that there were quite a few visitors. They discovered most of them had been watching Better Life!
    Friends, God has provided His people with a super-charged way to share the Gospel. Won’t you please consider partnering with Better Life through your prayers and financial support?

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