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Reaching Children of All Ages

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    Better Life believes in creating and airing programs that will reach out to God’s children of all ages. No doubt you are familiar with our regular Bible study, cooking and health programs, but did you know that daily we have programming especially for children? We believe that children are a very important part of God’s family and that by working to train them up for the Lord, we not only give them a firm foundation for life, but also help them to accept the wonderful gift of salvation.
    One of those programs is Better Life’s own “Puppet Parade” hosted by Neila Moore. In the early 2000’s Neila and her husband Gary Davisson, who has since passed away, were key in preparing and producing these vibrant children’s programs. Many hours went into the preproduction and production of the new series. Neila wrote custom music while Gary wrote the scripts and designed the set. Coupled with a wonderful group of volunteer puppeteers and camera people this program was a joy to put together.
  Station manager Marta Davis says, “On the days that they videotaped in the studio I so much wanted to join them there instead of working in my office. They were just having so much fun!”
  It takes a lot of creativity to find ways to teach Bible truths to young people, but Neila and Gary were up to the task. Gary would study Bible doctrines as he wrote the scripts, working to ensure the accuracy of the presentations. Neila would write songs that would not only teach important lessons, but be fun for the children to learn as well. 
    And all the time and effort didn’t go to waste. Puppet Parade has been seen around the world as Better Life shared their series with other Christian television networks. This is witnessed by the many overseas letters that the program received. (see Sept. 2013 Better Life Magazine, page 4) We found that the simplistic musical presentations appealed to both young and old alike!
    Neila was excited to work on the project as she realized that she could be a part of a project to give children a good Bible base, something that she felt she had missed out on as a child herself. As she saw the letters come in from around the world she couldn’t help but shed tears of joy for what the Lord had done through the program.
    Neila says, “I didn’t realize the impact that the program could have on little lives that might not hear any more about the gospel than what they hear on Puppet Parade. But it says in the Bible to raise up a child in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it! And I realized that this little program could change the course of some child’s life forever! All it takes is one spark and they can be on the right road!”
    Programs like Puppet Parade are made possible because of support of generous viewers like you. As these programs air daily won’t you lift up your prayers that the Holy Spirit will use them to touch young hearts? Now more than ever we need quality Christian programming that is designed especially to reach children. Remember, together we can win the world (both young and old) to Christ while the door of opportunity is still open!


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