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Better Life Broadcasting Network is a 24 hour a day Christian television network whose broadcasts are changing lives in Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Northern California and now, throughout the world via Roku technology. Our Bible-based programming is created so you can experience a true friendship with Jesus Christ. Our viewers are discovering the secrets to living a happy, healthy, vibrant—Better Life. We know you will be blessed by the resources within these pages. Please take your time and enjoy.

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Signal Outage Information

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We are sorry to report that some Better Life viewers have recently lost our signal. This is due to the FCC selling T-Mobile some of Better Life’s channel frequencies. As a result we are being forced to change channel numbers in certain areas. It will take us a little time to figure out if new equipment is needed and how much money will have to be raised to get these stations back on the air. We appreciate your patience as we work through this new challenge.

Affected Areas:
    1. Antenna viewers (all 4 channels)
        Cave Junction
        Crescent City
        Klamath, OR
        Roseburg (old analog channel only)
        Yreka, CA
    2. Dish & DirecTV viewers in Southern Oregon
    3. Cable Viewers from Brookings, OR down to Crescent City, CA
    4. Cable Viewers in Eugene, OR.

Possible Solutions:

    ROKU- If you have internet you might consider getting a Roku box to stream all 4 of our channels with CHANNEL 1 IN HIGH DEF. The Better Life TV app is free and the Roku device is inexpensive.
    COMPUTER- You can also stream all 4 channels directly on your device or computer from our webpage. Look at the menu to the left for streaming options.

Time Table:

    1. We expect Dish and DirecTV customers to be back online by January if not before. We are still determining the equipment and internet needed to restore service.
    2. Antenna viewers will have to wait longer as we determine what type new equipment is needed and how much money will have to be raised to purchase it.

Antenna viewers will have to rescan after our new channels are up and running.


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