The Voice Said, "They're Coming."

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A gentleman called us this week and shared this amazing story.

They’re Coming
As told to Douglas Garcia, July 6, 2015 (v1.2)

As Monty worked in his yard it happened again. This time the disembodied voice seemed to be right next to him, and this time it said loudly, “Monty, they’re coming.” Monty thought, “I must be going crazy!”

Interesting things had happened to Monty all his life. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. But what had been happening to him lately, was nothing like he’d ever experienced before.

The story really begins about three years ago. While watching television Monty would occasionally find himself pausing on a religious channel called, Better Life Broadcasting Network. He didn’t really want to watch it, and if his wife happened to walk into the room he would quickly change channels. But then later something would draw him back to Better Life and over time he found himself watching it more and more. Within a short time he began tuning into the Ken Cox Bible seminar. He tried to resist it, but something kept bringing him back.

Then about a year ago things began to get weird. Late one evening Monty was awakened from a deep sleep by the sound of loud knocking on his front door. Going to investigate he found no one was there. He peered intently out into the darkness, but all was quietness. Was it real? Had he been dreaming? No, it had been too loud and intense. Not knowing what else to do, he went back to bed, his curiosity unsatisfied.

A couple of nights later it happened again. He was once again roused from a sound sleep by loud knocking. Angrily, he raced to the front door and ran outside screaming at those he thought were interrupting his sleep. He made a diligent effort to discover who was bothering him and his wife. Was it some of the neighborhood kids out causing mischief? But once again he came up empty handed. What in the world was going on?

Several more days passed when, you guessed it, once again loud knocking broke the quietness of the night for a third time. This time Monty was determined to discover who was doing this. Grabbing his gun he dashed out into the darkness and checked all around his house and even his neighbors homes. He looked around cars but again he came up empty handed. Completely frustrated and angry Monty returned to his bed, but was unable to sleep not knowing who was apparently trying to torment him.
A few more days passed and Monty was out in his yard when he heard a man’s voice call out his name. It sounded like the person might be at his front door so he went around the side of his house to see who it was, but no one was there. A quick search revealed nothing, so puzzled, he went back to what he was doing.

Several more days passed and he was once again outside when again a voice called out his name, this time a bit more loudly. Monty replied, “Just a minute, I’ll be right there.” Once again thinking that someone was at his front door. But as before, no one could be found. This time he went to his neighbors asking if they had seen anyone in his yard, but nothing further could be discovered.

Now this was getting very odd. In serious tones he later told his wife that he had been hearing a voice and that he was concerned that he might be having a nervous breakdown. Anxiously, his wife asked what the voice was telling him to do. “Nothing.” he replied, “it just keeps calling my name.”
Then, a few days later Monty was once again outside when it happened a third time. This time the voice was much louder, like someone was standing right next to him leaning into his ear. And this time the voice had more to say. This time it distinctly said, “Monty, they’re coming.”

Now this was just too much! Monty became panicky. When his wife arrived home she found him pacing the floor. With a distressed look on his face he told her, “I think it’s time to take me to the hospital.” After explaining what happened they decided to wait and see if this would all just go away.

Then about a week later while at home inside with his wife all of a sudden Monty exclaimed, “They’re here.” His wife looked over at him with a questioning expression and he repeated the statement, “They’re here.” And then a third time he said, “They’re here.” This wasn’t anything he had planned to say or wanted to say, it just burst out from somewhere inside him. His wife got up and walked over to the window. Turning back to Monty she said, “Well, there are two men at the front door of the house across the street.”

Now Monty was scared. He knew they were going to be at his door in a matter of moments. Sure enough, they crossed the street and walked up his driveway. Now Monty’s house actually has two doors that face the front. One is right next to the driveway and the other one is more toward the other side of the house. The driveway door was the one that Monty regularly used with the other door being a more formal, less used entry way. The visitors walked up to the door next to the driveway and knocked.
Monty was afraid and so he didn’t answer the door. Was this the culmination of all the strange things that had been happening to him? What would these men have to say to him if he did open the door? Could this be something God was doing, or something more sinister? As he wondered, the men gave up and began walking back toward the street.

At that moment Monty put his faith to the test. He spoke out loud to God in prayer and said, “God, if these men are from you, have them turn around and come back to my other door.” Instantly, the men turned back and began walking toward his other front door. This time Monty got up and answered the door.

One of the men began speaking, telling Monty that they were in the neighborhood doing a survey. Monty interrupted them and said, “Where are you from?” But the man continued his rehearsed presentation. But Monty stopped him, “No,” he broke in, “please tell me where you are from.” This time the man stopped and simply said, “We’re from the Seventh-day Adventist church.”

With that information Monty said, “I’ve been expecting you.” His two visitors looked at each other quizzically, then Monty invited them into his home. After they sat down Monty told them the story of the knocking, of the voice and of his unplanned declaration a few minutes before. The two men were more than impressed. Monty came to discover that they were from the local Arise ministry, and that very day they began giving him Bible studies. The best part of this story is that about 8 months later both Monty and his wife were baptized.

Today Monty says that he now belongs to Christ and that he is very much looking forward to Jesus’ soon return. He says that Better Life continues to be a blessing to him in his walk with God. He tells us that sometimes while searching for some answer in the Bible he’ll turn on Better Life and there will be the direct answer to his query. Both scripture and verse!

Monty’s story is especially fascinating because of how often the number three was seen. Note how the three knocks in the middle of night proceeded the knock on the door by the Bible workers. Then the three times he heard the voice was proceeded by the voice of the Bible workers, not to mention the three times Monty himself unexpectedly uttered the words, “They’re here.” So, what could be the significance of the number three in this story?

In the Bible the number three appears often, and it can be used to show spiritual completeness. For example, there are three persons in the Godhead, Jonah was in the belly of the fish for three days, and Jesus was in the tomb for three days.

The number three is also the minimum number required to reveal a pattern. If something happens once then you might say it was just chance. If it happens twice then it might merely be a coincidence. But when something happens three times it’s generally deliberate. In an interesting parallel to our story, Samuel heard his name three times before it’s heavenly origin was realized.

In Monty’s case, these unusual triad events got his attention in a very dramatic way. Remember how resistant he was at first to watch Better Life on TV? Well, by the time the young Bible workers arrived at his door he was VERY open to hearing everything they had to say. God definitely had his attention and Monty was open to receive his visitors as well as the teachings being presented on Better Life. To God be the glory!

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