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Better Life Broadcasting Network is a 24 hour a day Christian television network whose broadcasts are changing lives in Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Northern California and now, throughout the world via Roku technology. Our Bible-based programming is created so you can experience a true friendship with Jesus Christ. Our viewers are discovering the secrets to living a happy, healthy, vibrant—Better Life. We know you will be blessed by the resources within these pages. Please take your time and enjoy.

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It is such a blessing to answer the phones here at Better Life Broadcasting. Our theme in October is “effective evangelism” and that’s what we are finding the ministry of Better Life is day after day. Just read about some of these amazing calls.

Hadn’t Worshiped in a Church for 50 years!
    A gentleman in one of California’s coastal towns called us recently to share that he had visited the Adventist church in his area. He declared that it was the first time he had been in a church to worship in 50 years! The reason for this turn of events? He had discovered Better Life about a year ago and had begun watching. He was impressed with all the Biblical programing and says that now, except for the news, it’s the only channel he watches!

An Enemy Has Done This
    We got a call from a man in Grants Pass who had been tragically disabled by an accident in his youth. He called in to ask for prayer and during the course of the conversation he mentioned that on the day of his accident God had hurled him to the ground and injured him in order to get his attention. After a pause our Better Life staff member asked him, “What makes you think that it was God who did this to you?”
    This caused the phone line to grow silent for a moment. Our staff member continued, “Don’t you remember the parable Jesus  told about the farmer who planted a beautiful field of wheat. During the night his enemy came and planted weeds among the wheat. This caused the farmer so much trouble, but the source of all the trouble was not the farmer, it was the enemy. In the same way our world started out beautiful, sinless and pain-free but things took a bad turn because of our enemy. That’s who should receive the blame!” The caller agreed.

“I’m Not Doing Good.”
    Recently we got a call from a lady who is watching Better Life on our Portland Station. She has been watching for a while and was first impressed by the calm Bible based preachers. She also loved the vegetarian cooking programs as she herself was a vegetarian. She appreciated the programming so much that she had been making donations to the ministry. During this particular phone call our Better Life staff member asked how she was doing and she replied, “Not so good right now.” She went on to explain that her cancer had returned and it has metastasized. We had prayer with her and left her case in the hands of our all-wise Divine Physician.
    Although this dear woman doesn’t know if she will be healed in this life, she does know, thanks to Better Life’s programming, about the amazing life that God has for her at Christ’s second coming. For this blessed hope we praise God!


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