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    A life changing event happened to me while attending Soquel Camp Meeting down in Central California one year. I was impressed by a presentation given by Janet Page. In it she challenged the attendees to build up their faith by partnering with God in pledging funds to His cause, funds that they might not have. Her talk so moved me that I decided that I needed to ask God if this was something He wanted me to do for Him. As I stepped forward in faith I had no idea the wonderful journey the Lord would lead me on.
    As it turns out, I was impressed to pledge money to certain projects and ministries far beyond my ability to give, increasing the amount with each new pledge. And amazingly the Lord helped me fulfill each one. Even though at the time I didn’t know where the money would come from.
    For example, this past August, while I was praying, God impressed me that I should make a pledge to Better Life in the amount of $5,000 to be completed by the 2013 Better Life Camp Meeting. Now that’s not a trivial sum for me, but God has taught me that to simply give of one’s excess doesn’t require much  faith. I had told God I wasn’t making a pledge in 2012, that I would just give extra money as it came in, but God had other plans.  He impressed me with the shocking amount of $5,000 - heart attack time!
    When I first started making pledges I had no idea that one day I’d be making a pledge that big. I couldn’t have imagined that. But God showed me over the years that He is well able to supply my needs large and small.
    Well, once I made the pledge I began looking around my house for items that could be converted to cash. I ran across a small gold nugget that my husband had found years ago and was able to get $54 for it. There were also some small silver items that I was able to cash in that helped as well. As I went around my house I felt like I was on a treasure hunt!
    I also looked for money outside my home. For instance, when I went to the store and purchased something on sale, I took the amount that I saved and put it toward my pledge.
    I decided to give all extra pay toward the pledge, like holiday or overtime pay, education allowance, shift differential, or whatever. With Christmas nearing, that was a sacrifice, but one I was happy to make. It was so exciting to see all the ways God was providing my pledge money. He supplies it and I donate it. How cool is that?
    As of December 10th God has given me $1,719.57 for Better Life! Wow! And that’s in addition to my tithe and regular offerings. I keep track of the monies in my prayer journal and reading through the list is exciting and faith building. It peaks my curiosity as to what God will do next.
    Now I don’t know exactly how God will provide the rest of the money to meet my pledge by this year’s camp meeting, but He has always come through in the past, so I don’t expect any less this time!
    I never know who God will impress me to help with funds, but this time He wanted me to pledge to Better Life and I think I know why. Better Life is in need now and it is a ministry that is reaching out to the world, it’s getting right into homes and I’ve seen the life changing results myself right here in my own local church. Earth’s final days are short and Better Life is getting the Gospel out there quickly.
    But if there’s one thought that I’d like to share with you in this article, it’s that I believe that God wants us to exercise our faith now, because difficult times are coming and faith is what will get us through to the other side. And believe me, pledging money you don’t have is definitely a faith building experience!
    I realize that every person is different. For some, giving $20 a month is a leap of faith. But I also want to challenge those on the other end of the spectrum. For those with means, a step of faith might be $10,000 or $100,000. But the bottom line is that if a person gives what they can afford, that’s not faith. It’s got to be something outside their own ability, then they can watch God in action like I have!
    One important thing to remember before you make your pledge or donation: you must seek God’s counsel first. You need to know that God is directing you to do this. Spend time with Him in prayer so that you know how much He wants you to give and where. Then you can go forward in confidence. I know you’ll find it to be a wonderful and exciting ride! It is no secret what God can do. What He’s done for others, He’ll do for you!


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