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An assortment of various programs taped by Better Life Broadcasting.

Christian Martin - Be Ready...

Join Christian Martin for this engaging 7 part series “Be Ready”.

Campmeeting - 2006 - Southern Oregon

Roy Adams brings the Book of Joshua to life. He provides an understanding of Israel's military campaign, grapples with the divine command to slaughter man and beast, and makes an important contribution to understanding violence in the Old Testament at a time when our society is preoccupied with questions of terrorism and jihad.

This series was taped at Milo Academy in June, 2006 and features Roy Adams, Associate Editor of Adventist Review and Adventist World.

Campmeetings Gladstone

Cheri Peters - Jan 2008

Join Cheri as she shares her testimony of childhood abuse and addiction. Her craving for love and acceptance; how she ultimately found freedom, acceptance and unlimited love when Christ came into her life and how God lead her into a very special ministry. You will laugh and cry. You will be touched by this amazing story.

Danny Shelton - Project Oregon Rally - March 2007

Join Danny Shelton in part 1 of this series as he calls on the church to focus on finishing the work that Christ has given us to do.  Part 2 is full of wonderful music and conversation. If you love music and love the Lord you will truly be blessed.

David Gates - Now or Never - December 2007

David Gates a pastor, pilot, nurse, shares wonderful stories from the mission field. He emphasizes the important of working for God laying up your treasures in heaven. Invest in the work of God not the works of man.

Ed Nelson - October 2010

Pastor Edward Nelson presents the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation with Christ as their central focus. Each episode will explore Bible prophecies that expose the deceptions of the Antichrist and reveal Jesus Christ as man's only hope of Salvation.

Ellen White Summit

Ellen White was and is significantly instrumental in the development of both the message and the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The intent of this Summit is to clarify the role Ellen White's writing bring to the mission of the church and to our personal lives. These programs explore the topics of inspiration, the person of Ellen White, and the use and application of her writings. They also take a candid look at questions her critics have posed.

George Knight - Birth of a Prophetic Movement - Feb 2010

“Birth of a Prophetic Movement” is a two part study on the books of Daniel and Revelation. George Knight discuses how these prophetic books pointed to the future, and how that prophetic  future relates to the present time.  

James Rafferty - January 2009

Join James Rafferty as he presents this four part study on the book of Daniel and what this intriguing book means to you and me today.  

James Rafferty - October 2009

James Rafferty - Preludes in Hope - May 2010

James Rafferty - The Seven Trumpets - April 2011

Jere Franklin

Kim Busl - September 2008

Knowing God

Pastor Edward Nelson shares the Bible in the same way he studies it for himself - with a clear, straightforward approach. His personal and honest style will inspire you to discover and experience God for yourself. It is Pastor Nelson's prayer that you also discover the joy of knowing God personally through this 22 part series.

God is passionate about you! He longs for a deep, living relationship with you. He wants to build a friendship with you and He doesn't mind if you do a background check on Him first. Watch and discover who He really is and experience Him in your life like never before.

Please note that you can print out the Study Guide for each program by clicking on the link.


Lewis Walton - June 2007

Light Bearer's Campmeeting

Musical Concerts

Prayer Quest 2005

A dynamic 7-part series on the power of the Holy Spirit and prayer, featuring speakers Ron Clouzet, Dean of Theology at Southern Adventist Unitersity and Jerry & Janet Page, President and Prayer Ministries Leader, Central California SDA Conference. You won't want to miss the blessings from these insightful programs.

Revelation Speaks Hope Bible Prophecy Seminar

What is going on in this world of ours?  Think of it--

·      A world economy that is hard to read—

·      Society that is sinking deeper in immoral quicksand—

·      Natural disasters floods fires and  unnatural crimes that have almost become the “norm”!

All of these things speak to us that something ominous is going on. What is it? And where is it all going? Is there any meaning to all of this? 

This is the beginning of a thrilling series on Bible Prophecy that will help bring you the light of God’s love and wisdom in the turmoil of our times.

Sacred Musical Concerts

Jaime Jorge

Jennifer LaMountain & Steve Darmondy

Valarie De La Vega

His Song Chorale

See With New Eyes

A series of 17 presentations by Ty Gibson, taped live at the Grants Pass SDA church, fall of 2004. If you've never truly fallen in love with God, this series is a must.

Sharing Christ in the Marketplace

Have you ever wondered how to witness to just about anyone and see their life changed.  You won’t want to miss this riveting series of 3 programs on how to have a testimony driven ministry by lay evangelist Herb Larsen.

Southern Oregon Convocation 2007

Southern Oregon Convocation is a stellar event packed with first-class programming. In addition to an impressive line up of local musicians, testimonials and human interest stories, Don Schneider, North American Division President will present powerful messages about living the Commission Culture. Don Livesay, President of the Oregon Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, hosts the event, leading many of the interesting interviews.

Stephen Bohr - March 2009

Studies in Prophecy

A 32-part series by Dr. Willard D. Regester reviewing the fulfillment of prophecy as found in the books of Daniel and Revelation. To get the most understanding out of the studies, view them in the order they are listed.

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit Seminar

Dennis Smith is a pastor, seminar presenter, and is the author of five books on the Holy Spirit.   Learn how to have a more meaningful and effective prayer life, victory over temptation, victory over depression, fear, addictions, sickness & disease, and more from this experienced and knowledgeable speaker.

Tim Roosenberg - December 2009

Tony Rodriguez - Teach Us to Pray - 2015

Ty Gibson - August 2007

Ty Gibson - Dimensions of God's Love - April 2007

Witchcraft Goes Mainstream

Steve Wohlberg is Speaker/Director of White Horse Media and hosts the national radio show, World News and the Bible. A gifted writer and speaker, he is the author of ten books, including Hour of the Witch, Hidden Dangers in Harry Potter, Wicca Witchcraft and the Bible and others. A riveting guest, he presents these programs this on the witchcraft connection with the end times.

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