Campmeetings Gladstone

Gladstone Campmeeting 2005

Thirteen programs taped from the 2005 Campmeeting at Gladstone. Featuring Miroslav Kis, Shawn Boonstra, Jere Patzer and Carl Wilkins

Gladstone Campmeeting 2006

Since the creation of the world, the Sabbath has been a blessing to all who have received this gift of God. As Seventh-day Adventists we have long known of this Biblical truth; but all too often we have failed to receive the full experience of worship, fellowship, rest, and blessing God has in store for each of us through the Sabbath blessing. This series includes an abundance of inspiration and we pray that you will be renewed and refreshed by this great spiritual feast.

Gladstone Campmeeting 2007

WELCOME to the Gladstone Camp Meeting 2007. The focus of these meetings is Inspiration and how God communicates to each of us His eternal plan for this world. You will be blessed by inspirational speakers John McVay, Shawn Boonstra, George Knight and others.

This camp meeting features powerful testimonies, preaching from Scripture and opportunities to learn how to better understand the Bible.

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