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Easy Directory of Our Best YouTube Programs

Top 10 Better Life YouTube Videos of 2012

     1. Satan's Musical Church- Regester/Berdahl
     2. Islam vs Christianity- Regester/Roosenberg
     3. Mary Did you Know- Fountainview Concert
     4. What is the Spirit of Prophecy- Dwight Nelson
     5. Answering the Critics of Ellen G. White- Dwight Nelson
     6. Daniel 11: King of the North- Regester/Rosenberg
     7. Four Tests of a Prophet- Dwight Nelson
     8. 2011 BL Camp Meeting Sat Night- John Lomacang
     9. Music and the Emerging Church- Regester/Berdahl
     10. Sharing Christ Through Music- Fountainview Interview

2012 Fountainview Academy Christmas Concert
     Concert at Grants Pass SDA Church

It's in the Bible
   Hosted by Pastor Marvin & Judi Clark
      1. The Holy Scriptures
      2. The Trinity
      3. God the Father
      4. God the Son
      5. The Holy Spirit
      6. Creation
      7. The Nature of Man
      8. The Great Controversy
      9. The Life of Christ
      10. The Experience of Salvation
      11. Growing in Christ
      12. The Church
      13. The Remnant Church
      14. Unity in Christ
      15. Baptism
      16. The Lord's Supper
      17. Spiritual Gifts
      18. The Gift of Prophecy
      19. The Law of God
      20. The Sabbath
      21. Stewardship
      22. Christian Behavior
      23. Marriage & Family
      24. The Sanctuary
      25. The Second Coming
      26. Death and Resurrection
      27. The Millenium & Judgment
      28. The New Earth

2011 Gladstone Camp Meeting
(Unedited Footage)
   Pastor Dwight Nelson
      The Gift, pt. 1: "What is the Spirit of Prophecy?"
      The Gift, pt. 2: "The Life of Ellen G. White"
      The Gift, pt. 3: "Four Tests of a Prophet"
      The Gift, pt. 4: "Answering the Critics of Ellen G. White"
      The Gift, pt. 5: "The Benefits"


When Will Jesus Come Back?
Dr. Willard Regester hosts this special one hour special on the topic of the second coming of Christ. Special guest G. Edward Reid well known author and lecturer is joined by evangelist Chuck Austin for this lively Bible study.
     Signs of the Times LIVE Special

Inside Better Life
Hosted by Ron & Marta Davis, this "behind the scenes" program shares news, updates and praise reports on a monthly basis.
     Inside Better Life- August 2012

3ABN Today with Danny Shelton
A talk show produced by 3ABN, the television network we are an affiliate of.
    Better Life Broadcasting is featured in this episode

Revelation Speaks Hope
This Revelation Seminar is hosted by Pastor Steve Cook. Discover things in prophecy that will amaze you! For best experience, we suggest you watch these programs in numerical order.
    NOTE: Study guides for this series are available as a single zip file HERE.
    1. Unlocking Revelation's Mysteries- RSH0141
2. The Appearing: How and Why Jesus Will Come- RSH0142
3. Power Over All Fear- RSH0151
    4. The Other Side of Death- RSH0152
    5. Revelation's Final Millennium- RSH0161
    6. The Final Truth About Hell- RSH0162
    7. Thank God for the Judgment- RSH0171
    8. When Grace Becomes Disgrace- RSH0172 
    9. Revelation's Identity Security- RSH0181
    10. Amazing Grace: My Story- RSH0182 
    11. History's Greatest Religious Scandal- RSH0191
    12. The Israel of God in Prophecy- RSH0192
13. Tracking the Anti-Christ- RSH0201 
    14. The Longest Most Amazing Prophecy- RSH0202
    15. Revelations Two Witnesses- RSH0211
    16. The Mark of the Beast and the Seal of God- RSH0212
    17. United States in Prophecy- RSH0221
    18. When No One Can Buy or Sell- RSH0222
    19. Revelations Last Day Remnant- RSH0231
    20. Revelations Last Call of the Spirit- RSH0232
    21. The Testimony of Jesus- RSH0241
    22. Revelation's Saints- RSH0242
    23. Armageddon and the Seven Last Plagues- RSH0251
    24. The Mystery of the Scarlot Harlot- RSH0252
    25. Heaven is for Real- RSH0261 

Signs of the Times
A talk show specifically on current events and how they relate to the Bible.
Hosted by Dr. Willard Regester.

    What Happens When You Die?- ST641, With James Rafferty and Richard Carrigan
    When is the Second Coming?- ST591, With G. Edward Reid and Chuck Austin

    Music & The Great Controversy- ST561
    Patterns from Music- ST562
    Music & the Emerging Church- ST563
    Satan's Musical Church - ST564

    Money Management in Uncertain Times- ST0581
    7 Biblical Principles of Money Management- ST0582
    Tithing- Plain and Simple- ST0583
    The Growth of Adventist World Radio- ST0584

    Rome's Mea Culpa- ST0552

    Does Satan Answer Prayer? - ST0193
    The Big Bang vs. Genesis 1- ST0203
    Is Politically Correct, Correct?- ST0212

    Today's Signs of the Times - ST0514
    Daniel 11: King of the North - ST0521
    Who is the King of the South? - ST0522
    Islam vs Christianity - ST0523
    Post-Islam Christianity - ST0524

    Is What You Are Eating, Eating You?- ST0604
    Beating the Big Four- ST0612
    Junk Food Junkie (Obesity)- ST0611
    Super Foods- ST0613
    Super Sized Kids- ST0614
    Living Free from Bad Habits- ST0621
    Depression: The Way Out- ST0622
    Sleep Schedules and Sanity- ST0623
    The Entertainment Trap- ST0624
    Hearts on Fire (Heart Disease)- ST0631
    Chronic Pain- ST0632
    Lessons on Loss- ST0633

Feature Presentation
A variety of speakers and topics provide interesting and informative one hour programs.

    John's Great Dissapointment- FP1411
    We Thought He was the Redeemer- FP1412

    Mary, Did you Know?- 2011 Christmas Concert- FP1741
    Joy to the World, 2009 Christmas Concert- FP115

    Musical Concert at Grants Pass SDA Church- FP028B

    1. Sharing Christ in the Market Place, pt. 1- FP0522
    2. Sharing Christ in the Market Place, pt. 2- FP0531
    3. Sharing Christ in the Market Place, pt. 3- FP0541

    7. Jesus, the Man with a Plan- FP921

    Rediscovering the Sabbath- FP0722
    Homeward Bound- FP0732
    Anarchy: Building to a Mighty Climax- FP0731

Grants Pass Worship Hour
Join the congregation of the Grants Pass, Oregon Seventh-day Adventist church during this time of worhship.
    Sodom then & Now- W2552
    The Life of Prudence Bates- W2962 (Portrayal of Joseph Bates wife, Prudence)

Time Out
A talk show about a variety of topics, many of them of special interest to women.
    Carolyn Sutton, Breast Cancer Survivor- TM0773
    Dealing with Pastoral Sexual Abuse- TO942
    Coping with the Murder of One's Child- TO982
    Facing the Murderer of Your Child- TO983

Puppet Parade
A program for children about Bible topics and simple moral issues.
    02 Puppet Parade- Silver Lining
    03 Puppet Parade- Making Friends
    04 Puppet Parade- Daniel & the Lion's Den
    05 Puppet Parade- Something's Up About Jonah
    06 Puppet Parade- Growing in God
    07 Puppet Parade- Rain or Shine- Noah Knows Best
    08 Puppet Parade- Learning to Witness
    09 Puppet Parade- In the Beginning
    10 Puppet Parade- Reading the Bible

Better Life On Tour
    Who is the Light?- Herb Larsen, 2010 Better Life Camp Meeting

Better Life Today
    Scientific Proof Against Evolution- Dr. Robert Gentry (1 hr. 49 min.)

    Sharing Christ Through Music- Fountainview Academy BL1134
    Embracing the Shepherd's Call- Christian & Coby Berdahl BL1133
    Focusing on Fame & Finding Fame- Christian & Coby Berdahl BL1132
    Out of Darkness- Jim & Fay Castillo BL1162

Featured SDA Churches in Our Viewing Area
    Canyonville, OR- Pastor Loren Fenton, "Bright Horizons" OT0401
    Corvallis, OR- Pastor Gayle Schoepflin, "The Difference Between Sheep
                        & Goats" OT0402
    Yreka, CA- Pastor Larry Weidell, "Experiencing the Power of
                        of Christ's Resurrection"
    Sutherlin, OR- Pastor Rocky Gale, "The Bush Still Burns"   
    Klamath Falls, OR- Pastor Luke Porter, "It is Peace that You Need"

Journey's 'n Journals
This public service program produced by Better Life is focused on the history of the Pacific Northwest. Hosted by Bernie Martin Beck.
    The Oregon Caves- Future JJ0721
    Mamma's Kids Grown Up- JJ0722
    Bernie's First Guest is Re-interviewed- JJ0723
    That Was the Way in the 20's- JJ0724
    Lights on- Power to Grants Pass- JJ0431

Misc. Clips
    The Story of Queen Esther, W2841- As told by a young girl.
    Snow Fall in the Area Around the Headquarters of Better Life
    "Be Still" Music Video featuring nature footage from Crescent City, CA.
          Nature photography by our own Dennis Kamberg.
    Better Life Network ID

General Ministry Information/ Behind Scenes

Promos & commercials from the ministry of Better Life Broadcasting
    20 years of Growth Clip
    Better Life's Now on Facebook
    Better Life Facility Tour
    TUTORIAL: How to Share Better Life YouTube Videos Online
    Behind the Scenes at the Sutherlin, OR SDA Church
    Behind the Scenes at the Canyonville, OR SDA Church
    Behind the Scenes at the Corvallis, OR SDA Church
    Behind the Scenes at the Roseburg, OR SDA Church


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